Art: No longer just for walls!

Award winning renowned wood artist Don Bastian creates unique, live edge tables, doors, furniture, carvings, sculptures and much more at the Telegraph Cove Art Gallery! 

Don Bastian Carving a vine leaf bench

The Art of Don Bastian

Don Bastian Sculpture and Carvings
One-of-a-kind, hand crafted, one at a time by Don Bastian
Imagine the Furniture behind these  Doors!
Hand Carved Guitars 
Cutting Boards Entertainment pieces
Just for fun Art

Telegraph Cove Art Gallery

Showcasing West Coast Art with a Marine Flair! 

Built by Don Bastian this unique building features his wood artistry inside and outside. Seagulls, a whale, bear and cub,  an ocean wave and a lighthouse are all depicted in the shingle siding. Metal fish, whales and other artwork are intertwined with boom chains, both inside and out, to bid a warm  welcome to Telegraph Cove Gallery visitors.  The Gallery boasts it's own wood shop and pottery studio, along with artwork from local artists and the Boom Boat Suite, Telegraph Cove's newest accommodation. 
Telegraph Cove Art Gallery Sign
The Art Gallery is located at the entrance to Telegraph Cove
Telegraph Cove Art Gallery

Why is there a Boom Boat at the Gallery entrance ?

A West Coast Sidewinder, sometimes called a Boom Boat, Dozer or Log Bronc. The Boom Boat was "rescued" from a local scrap yard where it caught the eye  and hearts of the Gallery owners Don and Denise. 
When building the Art Gallery we wanted a "mascot".  Something different, eye catching, fun, but also something serious that pays tribute to the local area, it's history and industries.
We believe the hard working Boom Boat fits the description perfectly!
The Boom Boat arriving at the Gallery!
Don has created a fantasy cab and deck for the Boom Boat (loosely styled around it's original design). 
For the fun part, a very large ship's wheel (definitely not based on original design)  was installed, for tourists to be able to "drive" the Boom Boat.
An easy deck allows gallery guests to board the Boom Boat have pictures taken and imagine a bit of life on the West Coast.
Boom Boat being put in place
TheBoom Boat is set into place with a lot of help from our
Beaver Cove drysort neighbours!!
The rusty log chain hanging decoratively across it's bow moors the Boom Boat to the dock post. The Post is one of the original telegraph poles that serviced the telegraph station in 1912. 
The post stood between what is now the General Store and Sally's Food Bar at the Historic Telegraph Cove Resort. 
Lucky visitors may catch sight of Boom Boats in action as they pass by the Beaver Cove dryland sort on the way into Telegraph Cove. 


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1605 Telegraph Cove Road
Telegraph Cove, BC  V0N 3J0


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